Twin-Kle 2

Combination Style Reels

Select and combine the desired reels from the standalone product lineups.
The following are examples.

Twin-Kle 2 Combination

Combination Examples

Unit Model Content
2 Unit TR2-A-CL Air (1/4) + Captain light
TR2-A310-CL Air (3/8) + Captain light
3 Unit TR2-A-CL-A Air (1/4) + Captain light + Air (1/4)
TR2-A310-C-3NL Air (3/8) + Outlet + Cable(3wire)
4 Unit TR2-A-C-W-4NL Air (1/4) + Outlet + Water + Cable(4wire)

Combination Format Selection

Make your selection by separating the number/letter following the TR2 of the standalone product with a hyphen.
The order in which the reels will be combined is from left to right in the format notation.

External Size Diagram

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