Air Hose Reels Twin-kle 2 Standalone

  • Reel box that the combinations can be customizable as per customers' request.
  • Spring Driven air hose reel.

On this page we are only introducing the single unit (standalone) Twin-kle 2 air hose reels.
Even as a standalone product, Twin-kle 2 has a unique design that allows changing the internal reel, and is a freely configurable and expandable combination style reel.
For details please also see the Twin-kle 2 page.

Twin-kle 2 Air Hose Reel
Twin-kle 2 Air Hose Reel 6.5mm X 10.0M
  • TRIENS Signeture series poly urethane braid hose.
  • Wall or ceiling mount.
  • Reels come complete with urethane braid inlet hose and ball stop.
  • Redesigned steel ratchet and gears for long life.
  • Solid brass axle.
  • Easy coupling - makes replacing hose fast and easy.
  • TRIENS' quick repair outlet fitting.
  • Outlet fitting cover included.
  • Hose with Coupling


Twin-kle 2 (standalone)
Model Hose Maximum
Inlet Hose Body Weight
Connection Inner Diameter
Connection Length
With Case Internal
Reel Only
TR2-A PU Female
6.5 10.0 1.4 Swivel Fitting
male R1/4
0.4 6.6 4.2
TR2-A310 PU Female
Rc 3/8
8.0 10.0 1.4 Swivel Fitting
male R3/8
0.4 7.0 4.6

*1. The primary joint hose/cord length is indicated as the length extending out from the external case.


TR2 Dimensions

No need to take apart

Resistant to sparks


• Read the manual thoroughly and use it properly.

• The actual product color may differ.

• Product specifications are subject to change for improvements without notice.

• These products are for indoor use only.

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