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Trust in Japan and TRIENS craftsmanship to the world

Sankyo Reels, Inc. CEO Kentaro Miki

Sankyo Reels, Inc. has been in business more than 40 years since its founding in 1968. And it has grown to where today people say, "reels mean Sankyo". Those trusted products boast the top share in the automotive industry, and their high level of quality is widely recognized.

Our lineup includes an abundant variety of highly functional and well designed reels of every size and purpose. In addition, today we have not only reels, but a wide range of products from oil equipment to tire changers.

And in recent years, along with adding sales sites in the U.S. in 1997, China in 2003 and Belgium in 2008, we started up the TRIENS brand in June 2007 seeking to create a global brand for reels built on our company's reliability, advancements and refinements at the forefront, and we will be making greater leaps forward into the global market with our headquarters in Japan.

We will continue to treat all needs with importance, sending out products that meet users' demands, and will continue to make great strides forward.

SANKYO REELS Incorporated

Kentaro Miki

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